Lunchtime Arrangements

We have our own in-house catering service and pupils enjoy the lunch served daily on a cafeteria basis. The catering team works across the campus to provide healthy, nutritious food to both schools. On offer is a range of hot and cold meals, and always vegetarian options. We provide a pleasant dining environment for all students and pupils, whether they have school dinners or packed lunches; and Huntcliff pupils have the option to eat in the main hall, atrium and at outside picnic tables.

Meals are paid for via a cashless payment system. See Arbor Payments

Free school meals are available to pupils whose families are in receipt of certain benefits, in accordance with criteria determined by the Government. The account is automatically credited with the cost of a meal so pupils are not identifiable. If you are a parent of a child Huntcliff School, you can complete this online application form.

Children who are registered for free school meals attract further funding through Pupil Premium, which allows us to provide additional financial support e.g. contribution to the cost of trips; even if your child does not choose to take a school meal it is worth registering.

A set school meal at lunch is £2.30, snacks and drinks at break time are priced from 20p.